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    Directors & Officers

    Product Benefits

    • Full directors and officers insurance tailored to your unique needs and circumstances
    • Increasingly important as a means of financial and legal protection in today’s ‘claim culture’
    • Covers damages, judgments, settlements, crisis costs, PR costs, prosecution and defence costs

    Product Details

    As the expectations of shareholders, employees and other stakeholders expectations of company directors become increasingly high, so the importance of directors and officers insurance continues to rise. The pressure is on for company directors, who are being placed under more and more scrutiny to ensure that they’re acting in the best interests of the company while remaining compliant with their legal duties.

    In spite of this, many UK companies are falling short on insurance for directors, with cover that is either inadequate or non-existent. Such directors are exposing themselves to legal and financial loss, and potentially ruin, in the event that a case should be raised against them.
    Our insurance for directors will provide full legal and financial protection in the case that you should be picked up on an error, omission or employment-related wrongful act that has resulted in physical harm, financial loss or environmental pollution.

    We will tailor your directors and officers insurance policy to provide the exact level of cover you require – no more, and no less – saving you money, hassle and worry. Call or email J Gosling at our office in Colchester, or use the links above to request a quote or call back.

    I originally gave Gosling’s just a small part of my business. The level of service provided soon lead me to give them the whole of my insurance business involving domestic, boat insurance and commercial properties. Over the years they have assisted to great effect with all enquiries and have in particular been of assistance with several claims where the outcome has been entirely satisfactory. When tested they remain competitive both on standard of cover offered and price

    John Bolingbroke