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    Product Benefits

    • Flexible livestock insurance policies tailored to your farm’s requirements
    • Wide range of covers to choose from, providing complete protection for your farm animals
    • Comprehensive cover for all animals and herds

    Product Details

    Livestock farming comes with a myriad of financial risks, so it’s vital to ensure that your farm is fully protected. J Gosling has access to several reputable insurers providing a comprehensive range livestock insurance covers, enabling us to find the best, most cost effective solution for you and your farm.

    We can arrange insurance for livestock of all kinds, from working dogs to herds of pigs, sheep and cattle, as well as less common farm animals. Your policy will cover your livestock against loss, theft, death, injury, illness and disease, protecting your investment and your livelihood.

    Our independent experts have a wealth of experience arranging livestock insurance, enabling us to provide comprehensive policies that cover all aspects of care and all risks of mortality, accident and injury. Your policy will provide cover in cases of anthrax, Aujeszky’s disease, brucellosis, European swine fever, foot-and-mouth disease, Maedi-Visna, swine vesicular disease, tuberculosis and more.

    Insurance for livestock can also offer cover your losses in the event that a prospective calf is not born alive or an animal becomes permanently infertile, impotent or incapable of service.

    If you would like to benefit from a comprehensive livestock insurance policy tailored to your farm’s unique requirements, get in touch today. Call J Gosling on 01206 382 912 to discuss your needs with an expert, or request a quote or call back using the links above.

    I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending your company or services. The only button I will push is the redial button to renew my policy with your company every year.

    Geoff Gritton